Monday, June 22, 2009

SQL Server Management Studio Slow Startup

This is an old one, but time to time I get the question
"Do you know how to speed up the SQL Server Management Studio?"
Normally I redirect the user to Microsoft KB555686. Today I decided to blog this and in the future I will redirect the users to this one :).

The problem is when you click the SSMS it performs several validations. For example the .Net runtime tries to contact "" in order to ensure that the Certificate is valid. This can represent a problem if your internet connection is not available or if your firewall is blocking it.

How to solve this:
- If the server is allowed to access the internet, make sure that your firewall rules allows the access to the website, additionally you may want to check if your firewall is not too busy to respond the server which may cause some delay as well.

- If your server doesn't have IE connectivity or you don't want to allow that access or perform the validation at, you can configure the IE Advanced Options (Clear the "Check for Publishers certificate revocation list"

- Additionally, you may remove the splash option using the SSMS shortcut. Add the flag "/nosplash" at the end of the path to the SSMS.

- As described in the KB555686, also check the additional configurations:

1 Go to "Start" -> "Programs" -> "Microsoft SQL Server 2005".
2 Open "SQL Server Management Studio".
3 Navigate to "Tools" -> "Options" -> "Help" -> "Online".
4 Mark the checkbox "Try local first, not online".
5 Press on "Ok" button.6. Restart SQL Server Management Studio".

1 Go to "Start" -> "Programs" -> "Microsoft SQL Server 2005".
2 Open "SQL Server Error and Usage Reporting"
3 Uncheck the following checkboxes:
a."Send error reports for all components and instances of SQL 2005 to Microsoft or your corporate error reporting server."
Note: Using local "corporate error reporting server", may require to enable this feather.
b. "Send feather usage reports for all components and instances of SQL 2005 to Microsoft."
4 Press on "Ok" button.

Have fun :)

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