Friday, October 16, 2009

Open Source PowerShell Cmdlet and Help Designer

PowerShell Cmdlet and Help Designer now available for download at CODEPLEX.

The Cmdlet Designer makes it much easier for teams to concentrate on the design, naming, and consistency of their cmdlets, while also guaranteeing name registration and collision avoidance across a project.

To sweeten the deal, it offers:
-Integrated help authoring
-Efficient bulk operations (parameter and cmdlet cloning)
-Generation of cmdlet code
-Full scripting support
-Automatic code-spec comparison and testing
-Role-based security, history logging, and more.

Architecturally, the Cmdlet Designer offers a reference implementation to benefit developers as well:
UI on top of Cmdlets
UI extensibility through scripting
Cmdlet / Webservice interaction
Role-based security, with a trusted subsystem implementation


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