Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting started with vSphere Videos/Demos

vSphere Videos/Demos:
Check Mike Laverick’s extremely valuable free vSphere videos. If you wish to learn more about vSphere these resources will help you with that. From basic steps to more complex scenarios, Mike does a pretty good job on his demonstrations. So there you go, for free you can get excellent content that you normally would have to pay for.

The book:
The main reason I put these videos together is as free supplement to my soon-to-be-released book on vSphere4, and to give people who by the book - a live on screen demo of the configuration - although you don’t have to buy the book to watch these videos. I find it’s often its easier to quickly show something than it is to do a 100 screen grabs and loads of text - but in the same instance videos don’t allow for long and details discussions of best practises and possible configurations. So if you want detail, get the book - but if you want quick high-level views of things - the videos slot into that…

Check it out here

Have fun!!!

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