Monday, July 13, 2009

Windows Server 2008 R2 Core SCONFIG

Are you using Windows Core edition? Are you having trouble configuring it?

Windows 2008 R2 will have the SCONFIG to help you with some of the most common tasks on Server Core.

SCONFIG will help you with:

-Domain join
-Rename Computer
-Configure Remote (Enable management via Server Manager, & PowerShell including properly configuring the firewall.)
-Configuring Windows Update
-Enabling Remote Desktop (in case you want to login remotely.)
-Configuring Networking (static vs. DHCP and for multiple NICs)

All you have to do is type sconfig at the command line.

SCONFIG is also localized in almost 20 languages

Still in Windows 2008?
Don't worry, and check some similar tools:

SCregEdit.wsf - Script Built with server core, all you have to do is type from cmd:

C:\Windows\System32>cscript SCregEdit.wsf
C:\Windows\System32>cscript SCregEdit.wsf /CLI

From codeplex you also have the core configurator:
Windows 2008 Server Core Configurator
"Another" Core Configurator (although I never used it) GUI version

Have fun :D

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