Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hyper-V: How to Shrink and change the partition Size for a vhd file

Recently Tonyso posted an interesting article about how to shrink and change a partition size for a vhd file.

There’re a lot of reasons why should be interested in doing something like this, for instance, you may need to reduce the size of a vhd file that was created during a P2V migration, or you may need to reduce the maximum size of a given partition for an old miss configured vhd file with extra unused space, or perhaps you need to consolidate your available storage and for that you need to readjust the existing vhd files to the correct size…

Check it out how to do it with ISO Linux distro that includes NTFSRESIZE and FDISK

In the future posts, I’ll show you different ways to do the same thing with different tools.

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