Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Story Ends Bad for Scott/VMware FUD Fiasco Final

For those who don't known recently some videos were anonymously posted at YouTube “trying” to demonstrate how Hyper-V was unstable and a bad option for costumers.

After looking at the Videos Microsof Guys decided to reproduce the scenario in their lab.

The Video: No Facts Just FUD.
Not much.
Where are the details?
There are no facts provided.
What Hyper-V build was this? The beta? What was the configuration being tested? Who posted this? Why didn't they contact Microsoft support? I mean there's literally no data other than a defamatory statement at the beginning of the video implying that Hyper-V had something to do with some downtime at TechNet/MSDN.

In short, Hyper-V had nothing to do with the outage.
So, why would someone create such a video? Let's dig a little deeper.
The Poster.
The poster, who doesn't appear on the video, doesn't state what company he works for or provide any context. Gee, I wonder where he works?

Introducing Scott Drummonds, VMware Product Marketing.
Gosh, I wonder why Scott didn't mention he works for VMware?
Very professional Scott.
No signs of desperation there at all.

VMware has admitted their mistake, apologized and removed the video.

At the end it they discover that the Lab didn’t meet the minimum requirements for running windows Server 2008 and the patch to solve the issue was release in April 2008.

I wonder why VMware guys are afraid of...
Hyper-V is in the right track. Congratulations Microsoft.

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